"The beverage program at Latitude 43 has been transformed into a well oiled machine, with sales/profit numbers that our restaurant hadn’t seen in years. We have become one of the more efficient programs in our group and continue to “set the bar,” and I owe all of this to Ramona and her teachings. Without her knowledge and guidance, I would not be the bar manager I am today."

- Shawn M., Latitude 43 


"Ramona's methods quickly improved our bottom line where it needed fixing. At the same time, she designed detailed training materials and coached managers who were struggling. She always has a deep desire to help people get better, and has noproblem putting in the time to make it happen."

- Jenn W.,



"I would recommend Ramona's methods to any bar manager or business owner who wants to be successful or needs help breaking bad habits and creating a new culture within their business. From a local pub to an acclaimed cocktail bar to a seasonal seaside restaurant that does huge volume, Ramona can make it not only work, but flourish and grow."

- Liam K. 


"Ramona helped bring our team together and worked with us to
implement changes with our staff so that everyone felt
involved and excited about the process. Because of Ramona’s
hands-on training and team building, our guests are receiving a
higher quality service experience, and we've lowered our
beverage cost by 2%."

- Monica H.