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Ramona Pettygrave Shah called the restaurant industry her home for close to a decade before embracing the role of  Beverage Consultant and Author. She cut her teeth as Beverage Director for a hospitality group comprised of nine restaurants on the North Shore of Boston, and was a tenacious bar manager and bartender before that.

Her need for efficiency and understanding has fueled her borderline-obsessive quest to improve bar procedure and bottom lines, while her big heart keeps her inspiring engaged teams, and empowering individuals. She looks to writing to give bartenders and managers the boost they need to make the beverage industry work for them, while up-leveling the landscape’s culture with their own influence.

She and her husband live in Hamilton, Massachusetts and share a love of the outdoors and animals, and can be found exploring the diverse North shore coastline from their crappy boat. Don’t worry, no shark sightings yet. 

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